Trees, Shrubs & Perennials

Trees, Shrubs & Perennials

The Life of the Landscape



Shade and Spacemakers

Trees provide cool shade for a chat on a bench, double as a living sculpture, and, in groups, can provide high cathedral walls and ceilings. They are the beautiful structure of the living landscape and the foundation for your landscape legacy.


Many Options and Uses

Shrubs can mark the entry to a path, hide a private getaway, or accentuate the features of fine architecture. A shrub can bloom a quick burst, or flower through the summer. While others stand at attention as part of the landscape composition.



The Showoffs in the Garden

Perennials pick up where trees and shrubs leave off. Each with a particular flair, perennials cover bare mulch, fit into small pockets and crevices in the landscape, and blend their colors, fragrances, and textures into details that fill your senses.

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