Is 35° North Landscape Services A Local Or National Brand?

When you hear a rumor about yourself or your company, you quickly ask, “Where did that come from?,” and then you decide what to do about the rumor, other than smile at the good gossip or roll your eyes at the unflattering chatter. During a recent coffee shop visit, a patron said he had heard that 35° North Landscape Services was a national company. I still think about whether that is a good rumor or not. In a small mountain town where “keep it local” is a frequent message about spending on goods and services, this is not necessarily good news. But to the extent that we have earned an image that looks “national,” that is a good rumor—amazing, really.

A Bit About 35° North Landscape Services

35° North hung its shingle in Brevard, NC in January, 2013. The company started with the combined efforts of my partner, Randy Baron, and me. We each had landscape companies prior to this endeavor, and we were looking for ways to hire more people and to serve more clients with a fuller slate of services. We are local. Our landscape yard and our own homes are within a 1-1/2 mile circle that overlaps downtown Brevard.

Animal Planet Debut

As we wrap up our third year of serving clients in our mountain community. We have had several milestones. We have employed our largest number of people—16. We have added more expertise to our staff with the additions of Jaclyn LaDue (horticulture) and Walker Lowe (project installation manager). We have replaced the startup edition of our website. And in a happy bit of irony for a young local company, the international cable channel Animal Planet invited us to participate in an episode of their new show Restoration Wild. They filmed in a fantastic locale in our county in May and June of 2015. We are in the premiere tonight, Nov. 6, at 9/8 central. This may continue the chatter about whether we are local or national. Just know that we enjoy being a part of our community and helping each of our clients enjoy their piece of this beautiful place.

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by Charlie Landreth

Published - Friday November 6th, 2015

Charlie Landreth is President of 35 Degrees North Landscape Services. In December he will begin his second four year term on Brevard's City Council.


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