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Happening Now

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April 2019 Landscape Digest

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Highlight your home

April is all about making the most of your outdoor spaces as the nights are warm & spring blooms emerge. 

Whether you're inside or out, extend the beauty of your landscape past sunset with outdoor lighting. 

Landscape lighting makes it easy to:

  • Pass the evening outdoors with friends & family
  • Highlight beautiful features around your home
  • Increase security without glaring floodlights

Make time in April for:

Managing Pests & Weeds

Use safe and gentle steps to address pests and weeds before they get too comfortable in your landscape.

Banishing Soggy Walkways

Spring rains & increased outdoor time yield muddy, messy paths around your home. A stone walkway or lined gravel path is a safer & drier way to get around outside.

Entertaining Outdoors

Designate a perfect space for entertaining & relaxing in your mountain landscape by installing a patio near an exterior door.

What's Blooming Now at 35° North

Abundant blooms and the lime-green of fresh leaves means our mountains are overflowing with color right now! Contact 35° North to learn more about adding their beauty to your landscape!

Work with 35° North to make the most of your spring!

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Happening Now- April

Expert Insights

  • Rainfall

    16.08" Current YTD

    18.59" Average YTD

  • Temperatures

    66° H / 44° L Current 

    59° H / 32° L Average 

This season in the landscape:

One of the most beautiful months of the year in our Mountain region, May will bring a riot of color and perfect temperatures for enjoying the outdoors. Make sure your landscape is ready for summer pests, lots of sun, & thunderstorms!