Erosion & Drainage Repair


Erosion & Drainage Repair

Are you ready for the storm?

Stormwater can be a destructive force in your landscape. In the wrong place, it can pose a risk for building foundations, erode slopes, and send valuable topsoil downstream. Large, hard surfaces like roofs and driveways are common sources for drainage trouble. Solutions can include drain boxes and pipes in the ground, surface drainage like a swale lined with vegetation or decorative rock, or pre-fabricated trench drains installed in paving.

We have had quite a bog in the swale between our house and the neighboring house that never completely dried out.  Chris worked with us to understand the problem as well as taking into account my description of the existing drainage infrastructure.  He then directed the crew in routing the trench, repairing a section of pipe, and tying into the existing drainage.  He and the entire crew were fast and efficient and were attentive to doing the work with a minimum amount of disruption to the surrounding area.

Jack & Mary Scott (Brevard, NC)

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