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Rain Delays

By Charlie Landreth | May 30, 2018 |

I remember sitting in a little league dugout in Tallahassee wondering when the rain would quit so we could play ball. Fast forward 45 years and I’m still waiting on the weather. With Subtropical Storm Alberto coming ashore in North Florida (pounding my little league field), Western North Carolina is getting soaked, again. It has…

Landscaping & Home Construction: Part I

By Charlie Landreth | Apr 11, 2018 |

If you’ve ever taken on a building project, you know there are many details to consider. As landscape professionals, we encourage you to add to your checklists these suggestions for reducing the impact home construction has on the land. We often see new homes with landscape challenges such as poor drainage, compacted soil, and unhealthy…

Why You Should be Investing in Your Landscape

By Charlie Landreth | Feb 14, 2018 |

What if we told you that a landscape renovation is a better investment in your home than that kitchen remodel? Or that one mature tree can add thousands of dollars to the value of your property? As landscape professionals, we’re biased- but both of those statements are true. Well designed and managed landscapes provide exceptional…

How Plants Endure Cold Weather

By Charlie Landreth | Jan 12, 2018 |

The first week of 2018 brought temperatures in the single digits to our part of the state. Some of our clients asked if they should be worried about their landscapes when plants are exposed to extreme cold. We did some research, and discovered some pretty incredible ways that plants adapt to sub-freezing temperatures. We also…

Pruning Landscape Plants

By Charlie Landreth | Dec 11, 2017 |

  Pruning Landscape Plants Pruning is an important part of a healthy, beautiful landscape. In this article, we’ll discuss why we prune plants, when they should be pruned and appropriate pruning techniques.   Why Prune? Shape and Size The most common reasons for pruning is to keep trees and shrubs from outgrowing their space in…

Is 35° North Landscape Services A Local Or National Brand?

By Charlie Landreth | Nov 6, 2015 |

Is 35° North Landscape Services A Local Or National Brand? When you hear a rumor about yourself or your company, you quickly ask, “Where did that come from?,” and then you decide what to do about the rumor, other than smile at the good gossip or roll your eyes at the unflattering chatter. During a…

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